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:About the paintingwork of Rolinka van Zuiden (collector & main artist)

After painting (and collecting) art for decades, I can say,  what I like to create and see the most: colorful semi-abstract skies. I am specialized in making rough layered paintings, often with metals in the first layer or gold!   I also use copper, old dried out coffee, sand and other rough materials in the first layer but I always use luxurious (well pigmented!) oilpaint in the last layer! This is to assure those shiny bright colors, that people love so much, to stay! My other favorite subject: semi-abstract flowers, become almost sculptural this way and one could say my history as a sculptor becomes visible this way!! Obvious I was  inspired by nature, but at the same time my faith gives a deeper meaning in what I portray, too. Light that shines through the darkness, for example, what gives the painting a deeper spiritual meaning, although not always directly visible for the eye...! You could say my work is diverse, and indeed, I do not like to repeat myself. Over the years many of these paintings found their way to art-collectors  through galleries and expositions around Holland.  More about this on the page "Expositions" but as said at the introduction; now finally you can see them in my own gallery!! I am very proud to show and sell them here.! I also like it to be nice place for creative people to meet, work sometimes together and inspire each other! Hope to see you soon!

My work has also been shown a few times on a dutch television-show.. For example: Once I was making paintings and sculptures in a show with the theme "Angels" on the NCRV and another time it was about a painting of Hippo's (shown al day at "Noord-Holland-tv). This painting was sold on the benefit and protection of these animals in (what was then called) Zimbabwe... A lot of publicity was made about this in the press! But as been said earlier; nowadays most paintings are seen and sold in my own gallery..


 With gold leaf and clouds, 2750,00


Big square oilpainting that started as an acrylic pouring, but was then painted with oils in last layer, 4000,00


Sunset on waves, oilpainting with a lot of texture. 2750,00